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Bold Brave Moves

Build a business which makes you beam with pride, suits your world & brings in the dollar bills baby! 
Start getting paid for doing what you love, & remove the layers of bullsh*t uncertainty, self-judgement & procrastination keeping you stuck. Learn how to create an in-demand business & shape a lifestyle
worth quitting corporate for.
So you thought handing in your notice was going to be the hardest part? But now you’re sitting at your desk wondering what the hell to do next...

You know in your heart of hearts you have something worth sharing, a different perspective & skills which can command a great income but the overwhelm & indecision are slowly killing you.


The urge to create something unique & truly you is compelling but the fear of judgement is crippling. You’re working more hours than ever just to try & second guess clients’ needs, getting nowhere fast.  


You feel like you’re on a rollercoaster, one day feeling full of optimism & excitement, inspired to create. The next your confidence is through the floor & you find yourself looking through the job listings on LinkedIn, daydreaming of a regular paycheck & paid holidays. I get it. 

We will get you to a place where

you know what needs to be done to sign new clients & which products to launch, leaving you feeling in control

you feel empowered to show up on social media, sharing your perspective without the fear of judgement from ex schoolmates & colleagues 


you stop wanting to hide under your desk in panic at the idea of not paying the mortgage, trusting in your business to support in you in the long term

you feel comfortable taking big risks & going all in, on anything you damn well please

A picture of Rebecca wearing a stripy top, smiling

Remember what it felt like when you were at your best? When you...

Knew exactly what steps were needed to smash the project you were working on...

Made your clients & colleagues fall that little bit more in love with you every time you worked together...
Would finish your working day safe in the knowledge that you’re awesome at what you do?!


Ah, the golden days. We can get you back there and then some. To a business that attracts clients that share your values, respect your boundaries & want to pay you for the amazing work you do. You’ll know what risks to take, where to spend your time & money, with bumps in the road taking hours rather than weeks to get over.

I see you... 

Everyone thinks you're really brave but the pressure to make this work feels suffocating. It’s crunch time, you can’t keep running an expensive hobby, you’re ready to create a thriving business. But how?


No one in your social circle really understands & it feels impossible to work out what's not working. Even worse, everyone else online seems to have it together. You're deafened by the different voices, confused about the next step & one disappointment away from calling your old boss to get your job back.


But we don't want you to do that, do we? So how do we get your old superpowers back? How do we re-ignite the passion & excitement you had when you started with this mad idea? And most importantly, how the f*ck do you this thing?


It's all about mindset, clarity & action.

Let's remove the drains on your confidence, lessen the extremes & armour you with resilience.


We'll work together to shrug off the restraints of the corporate world & bullsh*t rules you've placed on yourself about running a business. You'll develop the confidence to turn up as your goofy self, with the headspace & creativity to create something beautiful. You'll move from frozen by procrastination, tying yourself in knots with perfectionism & constantly changing your mind, to messy action. All with your ultimate cheerleader & confidant in your corner. All this will result in the bold brave moves you crave & leaps forward in your success.

I've been on that same rollercoaster...

And as someone who coaches entrepreneurs for a living you’d think it would be simple right? I left working in a tech incubator where I spent my days working with founders, helping shape their products, strategies & them as leaders. A dream job right? But I wanted more freedom. To create, teach and do things my way. Focussing on what I care about most, aligned to my values. 

Yet finding a route to market & putting yourself out there is hard. Giving yourself permission to turn up online with an opinion, whilst selling your services is hard. Developing the confidence to turn up as the fun-loving, cheeky person you are, in all professional capacities, takes time & effort. Trusting your capability to deliver in any scenario takes practice. 


A picture of Rebecca laughing whilst presenting a One Tech workshop

I’ve been there, I’ve done the work. Meaning I get to bring my own unique approach to coaching & entrepreneurial support to wonderful people like you. I get to teach everything I love about marketing, growth, tech, innovation & positive psychology. All safe in the knowledge that I can be as professionally playful as I like & still be the secret weapon you've been looking for. 

With a mixture of positive behavioural science, transformational coaching & world-class business methodologies, we will take you from thoughts of "who the f*ck am I to start this thing?" to self-assured, focussed & moving mountains.

During our time together

Element 1: Kiss the Gremlins Goodbye - Understand & quashing mindset blockers & the little voices undermining your big plans. We're going to dig in to unearth what's stopping you from achieving your goals, shape practises to help you feel safe & remove any self-doubt.

Element 2: Strong Foundations - Startup secrets to enable fast-paced, calculated,  moves which propel your business forward & ensure you get paid what you're worth.

Element 3: Marketing & Positioning - Understand what your customers truly want, how you should speak to them & make offers that land.

Element 4: Planning For The Future - Dig into how you want to run your business, how you want to turn up, where your values lie & what you want to achieve long term.

Element 5: Weathering The Storm - Create consistency, resilience & creativity to ensure you keep progressing, regardless of what comes up.

This is not for you if...

- You’re in two minds about whether entrepreneurship is for you.

- You’re not committed to doing the work. We’re going to create a safe space to get pretty deep, uncover some gremlins & get you to put yourself out there.

- You're not ready to unearth what needs focus & create a strategy for you to execute to take things forward. I’ll be there in your corner, all the way but you will be the one out there building your business.

- You’re not comfortable with being held accountable for your progress (although you will always choose how hard to be pushed).

- Deep down, you know you can’t go back to the 9-5. You want a business on your terms.

- You’ve tried self-study, online courses, business books & online guru influencers but you know having a mentor is going to get you to where you need to be a lot faster.

- You’re ready to brush off old deeply held beliefs & become a new shiny kick-ass version of yourself.

- You want to spend your days creating, leading & working on things which set your heart alight.

- You can commit at least 3 months of graft, soul searching & vulnerability to unleash hell on the world.

This is for you if...
DSC_2286 - Edited.png

The approach

- Weekly 90-minute coaching call (12 calls) to untangle the blockers, create a strategy & plan your attack
- Voxer support between calls (a grown up walkie-talkie) for cheerleading, ad-hoc support & accountability between calls 
- The best of my business planning toolkit for easy-to-implement solutions to the biggest challenges in business 

£2,400 paid in full or £850 per month

Next steps

Let’s jump on a chemistry call to see if I’m the cheerleader of your dreams. We’ll talk through what you want to achieve, you’ll get the experience of working with me & we can see what’s needed for this to be a “f*ck yes” decision. Once that decision is made we’ll have a deep dive session to understand where you are & what you want to achieve in your business. After that, we’ll meet weekly for our sessions & you’ll have me in your back pocket via our walkie-talkie app for check-ins & support between calls.

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