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Innovation & Design Thinking

A toolkit to help you stop you second-guessing, reduce risk and create what people want. 

There's no end to the application of Design Thinking,
that's why it's so beautiful.

Whether you are looking to... 

  • grow your business

  • reduce costs and increase profits

  • streamline processes

  • bring a new product to market 

  • build something new

  • implement a culture of experimentation or rapid change...

I’ve got the approach you need! Rather than sitting in isolation trying to perfect mind-reading abilities, let's get out there and dig into what’s really going on.

Design thinking sits at the heart of innovation and works on just about anything* - no, I really mean it. I've even used it to solve the problem of how to keep a toddler in her room through the night. Whether you're a small business or a huge organisation, looking to innovate or improve, design thinking will help you 

  • understand the problem at hand

  • define what the solution needs to entail

  • provide clarity on what will truly make your customers/stakeholders/employees/board** happy 

  • bring the solution to life with fewer resources, with less risk, in a rapid way.

Sounds magical, eh? Trust me it is. 

Let's stop trying to guess and just ask. 

Design thinking was brought to the mainstream by Stanford's but made famous by Design Sprints, devised by Jake Knapp of Google Ventures. Design sprints are a rapid way of executing design thinking which entails 5 phases -

The innovation process

This process enables alignment, collaboration, creative thinking and a democratised decision-making process. By working in an experimental way you can achieve proven results in an accelerated timeframe. Whatever the time you have we can work out a way of getting you better quality results. 

*I’ve had the pleasure of working on how to help a busy nurse easily log into a highly secure NHS system, created confidence in an open banking fintech tool, expedited the letting turnaround in social housing accommodation and helped devise what's the best way to get someone a cold beer on a busy Saturday night. I’ll let you decide which of these is most important!

**delete as applicable

Let's see how we
can work together.
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