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Whether you have a business, a side hustle or just an idea,
our Make Shit Happen Club will get you to your goals.

Embark on the Ultimate Adventure to Elevate Your Startup to New Heights!

Navigating through the treacherous terrains of the startup world can be daunting. That’s why I’ve crafted The Challenge Collective - a meticulously designed group coaching programme that guides startup founders like YOU through the exhilarating journey of setting up a business, all while embracing the spirit of adventure and discovery!


Through years of supporting businesses at every stage of the journey, founders often say they struggle to;

  • devise growth strategies 

  • launch new products 

  • find time to bring their new ideas to life

  • understand their business model and how to monetise ideas in a way which works for them

  • find new customers, convert sales and retain the business 

  • build user panels and locate people to help with research

  • identify potential co-founders 

  • gather the evidence investors need and secure investment 

  • and essentially, understand what's most important and cut out the noise. 

So let's work it out together

Think of The Challenge Collective as the virtual incubator/accelerator you always wanted, with real-life adventures! Here's what you can expect:

Your Map to Mastery
🌟 Lean Startup Techniques: Learn to build a startup that is adaptable, scalable, and customer-focused.
🌟 Experimentation: Dive into the world of trial, error, and triumph with strategic testing.
🌟 Bootstrapping Brilliance: Master the art of growing your startup with minimal resources.
🌟 Evidence-Based Success: Equip yourself with the tools to gather and leverage data that propel your startup forward.

🌟 The best that Positive Psychology and Adventure Psychology have to offer to help you thrive and flourish. 

Embark on an Adventure 
🌟 The Challenge Collective isn’t just a course; it’s an adventure! With a mountain and adventure theme, your journey through the startup landscape will be as thrilling as it is enlightening. Each module is a new peak to conquer, and every lesson brings you one step closer to the summit of success!

Peak Features of The Challenge Collective 
🌟 Specialist Webinars: Gain insights typically reserved for those in tech incubators and accelerators.
🌟 Bi-weekly Coaching Calls: Direct access to seasoned experts to guide you through your startup journey, held at various times to meet everyone's schedules. 
🌟 Mindset Mastery: Strategies to enhance resilience, eradicate imposter syndrome, and boost confidence. 
🌟 Burnout Prevention: Learn to navigate stress and avoid burnout with proven wellness strategies.
🌟 Tannoys From Basecamp: Submit your problems and get bespoke support during the month. 

🌟 Accountability and challenges to help you keep pace on your adventure including experiment setting and sprints. 

🌟 In-person adventures where we go for hikes, swims, bike rides or walks to bond in the real world.  

Join a Cohort of Trailblazing Founders 

🌟 In The Challenge Collective, you’re not trekking alone. Become a part of a vibrant community of fellow founders, where you can share experiences, exchange insights, and forge connections that last a lifetime.

Who is This For? 

Whether you’re a novice founder setting foot on the startup path or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to sharpen your skills, The Challenge Collective is your guide to navigating the startup wilderness with confidence and competence

All at a price tag which won't make you wince - £48 p/m

Discounts for students are available and pro bono spaces. If the above price is too much per month please get in touch and we can work something out. Everyone deserves to be able to start their adventure.

The why behind it

I've worked with hundreds of founders, helped raised £12m+ in early stage funding, and designed programmes for accelerators, incubators and growth programmes. I love these programmes and they are awesome ways of getting support but some people can't access them for a number of reasons. Coaching is expensive, mentors are hard to find but they're what founders really need to avoid common mistakes. I want everyone to have access to tools which will make them more resilient and help them enjoy their adventure. 


Guided Ascent

Everything in Alpine Style package alongside

2 x 1-2-1 deep dive coaching sessions per month for additional support.

£198 per month

Alpine Style

Fortnightly group coaching calls

Access to Slack community

Notion canvases & workbooks

Monthly specialist webinars
Access to local adventures and meet-ups.

£48 per month

Expedition Mode

For those in it for the long haul. Annual access to Alpine

Style membership with access to all historic specialist webinar recordings & challenges.

£576 per year

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"I can wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca Stockdale and her exceptional Lean Startup Bootcamp. I had the pleasure of hosting for her transformative training sessions for our cohorts.

Rebecca's expertise and passion for the Lean Startup methodology is contagious. Her dynamic teaching style effortlessly captured our cohort's attention, making complex concepts easy to grasp. The hands-on exercises and real-world examples she provided made the learning experience engaging and inspiring.

Beyond the bootcamp, Rebecca's commitment to our cohort's success was remarkable. She generously offered follow-up consultations and made relevant introductions to her network. A true superstar!"

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