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Startup Consultancy

Looking for ideas, expanding your side hustle or working on your next raise? Let's create a strategy.
Creating something from nothing is hard. Working with an experienced, critical friend can help you shortcut the
growth process, reduce risk and increase success. 

During my time as a startup consultant and incubator trainer, I have seen founders at varying stages of their journey. The biggest questions are normally where should I focus and which path should I choose? Often there are a number of options for potential customers and solutions, different funding routes and lots of opportunities vying for founders' attention - all of which need decisions.


There's loads of stats out there on the number of startups which fail, how you should run your business and tactics you should apply. BUT at the root of all successful businesses, there's one thing in common - they give the people what they want and need. Yet the amount of people who try to launch a product or service which they think is a bright idea, without understanding the needs of their users or constraints of their customers, is downright scary.


Now don't get me wrong, I love dreaming stuff up, thinking about the solution to problems and how new tech could be applied. Yet, unless it's the right solution it stays there, in dreamland. I want people to focus on the right opportunity and de-risk their approach and investments; whether that's time, hard-earned/hard-won money or resource.

By applying some simple principles, empathising with users, being brave enough to canvas people's opinions and by working in an iterative experimental way, you can shortcut the process and avoid many pitfalls. It may be the idea fails, good... no, in fact bloody brilliant! I don't want you wasting a second more than you need to on something which won't serve you, your customers or your investors. 

Fail fast, learn, move on.

My role will never be to blow smoke up your backside or pander to your ego. You can trust that I'll be a critical friend with you in the trenches, guiding you through the process. I'll be your biggest cheerleader when the chips are down, someone to celebrate with and a straight-talking confidant. Everyone's journey is different and like Yoda or Mr Miyagi* I can be in your corner, equip you with the knowledge needed to avoid potential mistakes, and help you work through the problems at hand. With a tried and tested approach I can help you create momentum, hold you accountable and ensure you reach the goals and milestones you need to achieve. 

Being an entrepreneur is challenging, and often the biggest hurdle is that pesky voice inside your head making you question the approach; stopping you putting yourself out there or making the big decisions. Alongside startup methodologies and investment strategies, I also work with founders to reduce their limiting beliefs, create resilience and develop grit so they are equipped for the rollercoaster that is running a startup.  

There's an absolute ton of research** on how the success of ventures is linked to having the right mindset; providing psychological safety to innovate, trust and belief in one's own capabilities and the ability to work in situations of extreme uncertainty. Working alone, in a small team or being responsible for key business functions outside of previous experience can be a huge change. But with the right support we can ensure you're on the right track and ready for the challenge. 

Getting started is more important

than being right. 

Folks come to me at various stages of their projects needing very different things from me. Examples include go-to-market and investment strategies, MVP definition, CX/UX reviews, help to raise capital, ways to find more potential customers or how to improve customer conversion and retention. Whatever you need I'm sure we will be able to work out a way forward.


Having helped companies raise over £10m in SEIS funding, and over a decade's experience in digital, innovation and commercial partnerships, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience just waiting to be tapped into. My career has included roles such as Head of Product for a cloud consultancy, Lead Startup Consultant overseeing a team and investment portfolio within a tech startup programme, in-house Lean Startup trainer at a blockchain incubator and commercial partnerships and marketing lead for various professional sports organisations. Alongside my training as a coach and positive psychologist, all of these experiences have given me a holistic approach to startups and I'd love you to benefit from it! 

*I must be in a good mood today to be comparing myself to these guys. 

**I'm currently looking into the impact of coaching on startup success as part of my MSc if you ever want to dig into the subject / be bored senseless! 

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What approach works for you?

I support startups with a number of services and styles of working. Whether it be on a fractional, hands-on basis a couple of days a month supporting growth, a few hours a month coaching or acting as a non-exec director/advisor, it's whatever you need.

I also offer a number of assessments and packages so if you want to

  • optimise your product and processes to acquire, onboard and retain more customers

  • get ready to pitch to investors or prepare for an incubator/accelerator application process

  • prepare a go-to-market strategy, determine OKRs and key metrics to shape your business or create a growth strategy...

Check out my signature startup programme

Startups: The Blueprint

 From Idea to Reality with a plan to take the guesswork out of starting a business

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